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Rebellious Saudi woman. My life has began once i arrived to Canada in 2008, from that moment i realized that there is a lot of things i need to catch up with .... Welcome to my Blog. If anything I have to say offends you, I can assure you that I am not sorry.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Its a new era

Maybe hundreds or even thousands times I had my lunch at school restaurants, and million times I got my coffee from my favorite coffee shop or even shopping. There is no one single time that I pay close attention about the amount of money I spend. The value of that money was missing or not seen as it is in a real life.  Maybe money is the money; it is just the way we see it according to where we stand in this life.
People on top of the economical pyramid might see that five-dollars for Grande cappuccino not that much while person from working class would see it as a half an hour working.  
Like many people in this world my life go though ups and downs, after that day when I lose my financial support that granted to me to continue my post graduate studies, many things has changed.
I couldn't enjoy that grilled chicken burger with the fries and the chocolate milk today, it cost me 10 bucks, I ate it thought. 
What makes us think the way we do? is it because we choose to see things in this way, or it is depending on where we located in the pyramid??
I'm not talking about food only. It’s about everything, food, clothes, religion, and the way we see each other’s.
Am afraid that there is nothing true and nothing wrong, it is more about our inner awareness and personal perspective of everything around us.