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Rebellious Saudi woman. My life has began once i arrived to Canada in 2008, from that moment i realized that there is a lot of things i need to catch up with .... Welcome to my Blog. If anything I have to say offends you, I can assure you that I am not sorry.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tank fish

I was sittingg on my brown couch blaming myself about delaying cleaning my fish tank.
It may live longer if i just move my butt and clean it
the fish will look more healthy ... swim around.
but its too late now I was so busy to do that. Every time i told myself thats ok i will do it later.
the time passing 
the wall clock go Tik Tak Tik Tak Tik Tak
The fish swimming in the bottom of the tank and stuck near the porcelain mermaid sometimes. My heart start beating faster i felt that somthing gonna happen to my sweet fish.
The water was very dirty, cloudy, and fishy. I decided to start cleaning so i asked my brother for some help, once we done cleaning the tank we found the fish died. It was a sad moment for me i couldnt through my fish in the garbage and ask my brother to do that instead.
It is gone because i forgot or delayed to clean the tank of my fish but what if my own tank have not be cleaned for whatever reason. Every person i think in some how living in a fish tank and need to clean it from time to time to get rid of the significant miss that we did every moment. Is it possible to end up like me fish, stuck at the bottom and waiting for help from someone special to do that. That is make me feel scared littel bit.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An old mail

I was reading through my old e-mails today and i found this interesting one. I know its not that funny to post it here but i can tell you how the new home which full of hope and freedome can creat different person.. After sending me this mail she moved to her new home to live as human being working to reach her lost dream in The Lost Land.

"I feel that I want to die today not tomorrow because tomorrow will never come. I waited for my dreems to come true but I think it will never ever do. My application to the universities in Australia were rejected. I'm thinking of going to the USA. (omitted part). It doesn't matter how to live there. Even if I will be alone. I don't want to stay here in Saudi Arabia. I feel that I can't breath my heart will stop beating if I still be here. I don't know how to think and what to do it is hard for me. This life is sucke. I hate my job because I'm dealing with guys who don't respect me as a human been.I feel alone after my sister got married.Our society don't understand being a 26 years old girl who didn't get married. they will deal with her that she made something wrong. Most of men are bad they think that they are acting like God. I need someone to understand me and hold me tite be with me and accepts me for who I am. Is this too much for me? Is it?!
Why the peolpe acting mean? Why?
I want to kill myself. I don't want to live anymore. That's it. Please enough.
I don't want another day to come because I'll suffer alot for being a live.
I don't know why I'm telling you all of this. I don't know why :(
I feel bad right now. I can't think.
:( I'm sorry
I wish you a good life with whom you choose. Try to run to your dreems and try to make them come true.
Bye for ever
God bless you"

No comment.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy belated Christmas in March???!!!

Happy belated Christmas?!!!

According to Alwatan Saudi news paper on Sunday issue, an egyptian peasant arrested by saudi religious police -in northern provience, Haiel- because he decided to  express his happiness about his wife pregnancy after six years of  married so, he rented a place to celebrate this occasion with 200 of his friends, after playing music the police arrived and captured them. Saudi Religious police claimed that he was celebrating christmas @@ What?! are you serious?
I understand those people concedering lestining to music as forbedin act in Islam ( according to thier understanding) but what i dont really understand how they came up with the Christmas in March. 
Shame on them they are trying to restrict people's freedom and destroy every thing beuteful in this country. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Be aware there in music in there

Be aware there in music in there

This summer there will be a special occasion for the family. My eldest brother will get marred. Unfortunately, I cannot attend the wedding, due to my busyness life as postgraduate student and poor economical condition of me. Therefore, I cannot fly from Canada to Saudi Arabia. I will set and see what is going on through my sisters' mouth, who is going to the wedding and who is not, blah, blah, blah. There is huge arguments down the road every time when some one in the family getting married. People will be divided in three groups: the first one, the people whose want to attend the event, dance, and enjoy DJ, because they said, "this is the way wedding day should be, for having fun. The other group totally opposed with the first group, they think there should not be music in the wedding due to their understanding of Islam. They argue that goes against Islam or their right to be in a highest level of Islam. The last one, will attend the event dance, have fun, and congrats the bride and the groom families and does not matter what is run in there whether, music or Islamic stuff (I do not know what is the name in English). Interestingly, I do not remember anybody -- almost five years ago - saying that she will not be able to attend the wedding day because she doesn't listen to music! I really respect any one choice to listen to music or not but come on! is our ancestors less Muslims than us?! I think its all about our understanding of Islam. Islam it is not a bunch of free spiritual orders. So, go and have fun dance because it's wedding not funeral.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Saudi Lingerie Campaign your support is needed, Are you gonna do your part?!

Arab have said "silence is a sign of acceptance" and you can't image how many people oppressed by that said.Nobody talk then every thing is allright,Nobody complain then everybody is ok. I got this night an E-mail from Saudi woman  campaigner who establesh Saudi Lingerie campaign (Reem Assad) demanding to allow women work on lingerie shops rather than men ... She suggested to continue her campaign with asking for help from in and out of Saudi Arabia by sending a letter to the mother company in the UK whose Saudi Arabian franchise is in key violation of labor laws (in KSA and maybe other countries) to put more pressure on the companies to change thier policies.

" Campaign Supporter: Your Help is needed

(No funding required)

Dear campaign supporter (in and outside Saudi Arabia):

As the campaign progressed and its impact is become more palpable on both the media and public landscape, I would like to apply more pressure on the industry. I am sending a letter to the mother company in the UK whose Saudi Arabian franchise is in key violation of labor laws (in KSA and maybe other countries). Marks & Spencer is an intimate wear haven to many around the world. Saudi shoppers are frequent visitors to its flagship Marble Arch store (London). Unfortunately, its Jeddah (KSA) key Tahlia store is where I was completely embarrassed and harassed as a customer and a woman. In fact, the campaign was inspired in that very place.



So, your help is needed are you going to support those who need your voice?! I will.