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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why this Food is Important on your Diet

Why this Food is Important on your Diet

I bit that you heard at least one time from your physician, dietician or even read it somewhere that eating fish healthy because of Omega-3. What is Omega-3 and why we need it in our body.

Omega-3 is polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) have one or more double bond between carbon molecules chain, there is also another (PUFA) called omega-6 both of them are essential in your diet because the human body cant synthesize them. Although, human can desaturate and elongate (break down the double and make it longer chain to make them less vulnerable to oxidative damages) Linoleic acid (omega-3) to arachidonic acid and ALA –alfa to EPA and DHA acids the forms used in our bodies as protective factors.

Why they are important

Researches has shown that omega-3 and 6 play an important role in preventing Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) as an protective agents, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and some cancer types.

Sources of these fatty acids:

Omega-6 found in membrane of land animal, olive oil, sesame oil, raw nuts seeds, pumpkin seeds and pistachios.
Omega-3 (EPA) and (DHA) found in marine organisms such as cod liver oil, mackerel, salmon and sardine and omega-3 found also in plant and vegetable sources such as flaxseed, canola, and soybean oils and in green leaves in a few plants like, purslane.

What happened when I don’t have sufficient amount of Omega-3,6

Omega-6 deficiency results growth retardation, skin lesions, reproductive failure, fatty liver, polydipsia (excessive thirst).

Omega-3 deficiency results impaired vision, neurological problems.
How much do i need: source

Press on the photo for enlarge
Omega-6,3 Ratios:

As you can see the importance of these fatty acid but it is more important to have balance amount of omega-3,6. An excess amount of omega-6 can saturate the enzyme that helps to desaturate and elongate both omega-3,6 and prevent the conversion of ALA-alfa to EPA and DHA. So the optimal ratio of omega-6/omega-3 has been estimated to be 2:1 to 3:1 that’s why it is recommended to consume more omega-3 than omega-6.

I don’t like to eat fish and I’m not sure if I’m having the recommended amount met of omega-3:

Even if you don’t eat fish you can still able to have your recommendation of om-3 met, you can use flaxseeds, canola, and soybean oils for your cooking instead of oils with high Trans fat levels like coconut oil. There is also some food supplemented with omega-3 to help vegetarian and people don’t eat fish such as, eggs, milk, and orange juice. In addition, you could obtain it as supplementation tablets from cod liver oil tablets or omega-3 marine fish oil tablets.


Krause’s Food & Nutrition Therapy (L. Kathleen Mahan, Sylvia Escott- Stump)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Online Sources

Simply Soups

Soups are always easy to make and easy to get from you daily nutrition recommendations... this is a very delicious website offering a great selections of soups and how you can prepare them. For example, you would find soups for vegetarian, non vegitarian and more of international soups.... and it is just perrrrfect for winter to stay fed and warm. Enjoy it.

Tehran Review

Am always interested about Iran especially the country after Islamic revulotion.. how it is affect the peoples daily life? What they are think about it? And many issues happened inside Iran revealed by Tehran Review website.... Take a look at it ,that might helps you to reads between the lines.. Koda Hafez (May God Bless You).

Monday, November 22, 2010

Saudi Arabia wins seat on UN women’s rights board

This is an interesting point of view am agreeing with Spencer Fernando, the International Comment Coordinator for the Manitoban and the writer of the follow article and sharing the same inquiring:" Why would one let the fox guard the hen house?"

Saudi Arabia wins seat on UN women’s rights board

In Saudi Arabia, women cannot drive, cannot use many facilities utilized by men and must receive a man’s written permission to open a bank account, travel or receive medical care. Apparently, the United Nation sees this record on women’s rights as sufficient to give Saudi Arabia a spot on a new women’s rights board.

This is a disgrace. Allowing Saudi Arabia to have a seat on a board that discusses and determines women’s rights issues is an insult to every woman on earth, as well as an insult to every country that respects the rights of women.

Unfortunately, this continues the UN’s sad history of allowing the opponents of human rights to hold power over the very same rights they deny to their own people. I would love to be able to say that Saudi Arabia is the only country on the board that doesn’t deserve to be there, but that would be ignoring the fact that both Libya, where women are imprisoned for “social rehabilitation,” and the Congo, where rape is practiced with sickening impunity as a tool of warfare, were both offered spots on the board.

The idea of having a UN board to discuss and promote women’s rights makes sense, and it is a noble goal. Sadly, the inclusion of these countries with backwards and barbaric records when it comes to women has discredited the UN women’s board even before it holds its first meeting. Should a country where women do not have the right to dress as they please be allowed to pass judgement on women’s rights in another country? The answer to that is obvious to all of us, yet clearly not so obvious to the UN. Why would one let the fox guard the hen house?

According to an article appearing on TheStar.com, a man in Saudi Arabia is able to marry up to four wives. When the reporter asked why this was allowed, a Saudi delegate responded that “[ . . . ] it was to ensure a man's sexual appetite was satisfied legally if one wife could not fulfill it.” Charming. Thank goodness that Saudi Arabia will be able to lecture the countries of the world on how to treat women; what would we do without their brilliant guidance?

This sends a disturbing message to those who support the UN and to all of us who support women’s rights. The UN is saying that they will not stand against those who treat half of their own people like second-class citizens. They are saying that they lack a value system based in reality, and they are showing that they lack a moral compass.

The sad thing about this, aside from the legitimacy granted to the oppression of women, is the fact that the United Nations was once an organization with lots of potential. When formed from the wreckage of the Second World War, the UN offered the world a chance to achieve a unity of purpose and gave hope to those still suffering that one day they too would be free. Today, this potential is lost. The UN has become a weak and for the most part ineffectual organization. Though there are various programs that do some good things, and though there are many UN workers who are compassionate people determined to help those in need, the overall organization itself has become an impediment to the goals it claims to be fighting for.

Where do we go from here? Though opinions will vary, it seems that the UN is close to the breaking point when it comes to its public credibility. For many, including myself, the UN lost all credibility long ago, and it will be difficult for the UN to justify the dues it receives from member countries when that money is put towards foolish mistakes such as a women’s rights board that features countries such as Saudi Arabia. If the UN does not get their act together soon, it might be better off for the democracies of the world to form their own organization, one based on human rights and a true set of values.

Spencer Fernando is the International Comment Coordinator for the Manitoban.

The source of this article

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Samar's case was a consequence behind bigger dilemma

Samar's Case was the tip of an iceberg of women's abuse series in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of stories similar to her's happening every time behind the closed door and since the victims stayed silent their story disappeared in the men's world. Samar Badawi, Saudi woman who are divorced and have a son. She is abused by her father, who are considered to be her fully guardian since she is divorced and her son are not adult to take this turn according to Saudi law. The father insulted her verbally and physically not just this he was interfering in her personal life and that probably caused the end of her mirage. Interestingly, the father was documented to be abused but this was not enough for the judge to be justice. He is like most of the men in Saudi Arabia thinks women must submit to their guardians ( father, brother, husband or even son).

Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV) DC chapter activist Fatima Thompson Leads Saudi Arabia Protest in Washington DC - June 26, 2010

The woman was staying in women's shelter for more than a year waiting for a miracle happend to be responsible on her life as adult. Samar and her lawyer Waleed Abulkhair decided to go public and spread out internationally to catch international people and human’s rights attention. I think this is successful way with a country like Saudi Arabia, which is care too much about its international image. Finally they made it and have lots of people's support. She have her story published in many international newspapers.
This issue wasn't about one woman its about more that 50% or audi Arabian population "Women" iit could be other Saudi woman who suffer from one of her family's member. It could be me!! The guardianship law is one of hundreds of oppressive low against women should be change. This must change to protect the women from all types of abuse. By supporting such thing we are empowering women and letting our country and our life to improve.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Women Driving Debate, Again

Women Driving Debate, Again

wajiha Al-huwaider ( human rights activest )

It was the day of November 6, 1990 when more than fifty women, whom university professors and some of their students decided to break the silence and drive their cars for half an hour around the capital city of Saudi Arabia, protesting against their country's ban on women driving. The police arrested them immediately even when they showed their international drivers licence. In addition, the police asked their male guardian to sign a statement promising they wouldn't do this again. Moreover, they weren’t able to work or travel for one year as their passports were confiscated. The inability to work or travel was not the only thing these women face at that time but also the protestor's names and their family name was spread everywhere on the streets and mosques, as they were called "whores" and "pimps", and in one day the heroes turned into a bunch of pariahs. After eighteen years from this historic event, the protesting of these women changes nothing. The debatable issue of letting women drive in Saudi Arabia has come to the surface from time to time, especially after some women write about it in the newspaper or even take an action toward it. For example, Wajiha Al-Huwaider, a human rights activist, tried to send a message to the public when she drove her car in a private compound. As many of people saw on YouTube, that women should not be denied this right just because she is born female. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world who inhibits women from driving by using many excuses to not to change this thing. Although some governors and religious scholars oppose the regulation of allowing women to drive, there are several reasons that encourage reversing such decision.

In country like Saudi Arabia, where the male dominates the life, it is not strange to find that women are eliminated from specific positions to study or to work places. There are many restrictions on women, no matter what position the woman holds or how old she is! Always, she needs male guardian to do things like receiving medical treatment, going to school or even work. In addition, the women driving ban is one of those restrictions.

Opponents of such regulation claim that this decision will encourage women and society as well to move towards westernization and may lose the privileges that women held in Islam. However, encouraging women's mobility and empowerment does not mean that we put away the religion or even traditions. The pressing reality pushes us to embrace different lifestyles in order to improve our situation socially and economically. In the economic problems all over the world, it is necessary for women to work, and driving will help her to have access to the public institutions and achieve this goal. There are a significant number of Saudi women who are barred from work and cannot improve their economical condition because they lack mobility. Moreover, the unemployment problem in Saudi Arabia does not help them to use a private driver or pay for a taxi every time they need a ride. Many women decide to give up getting a job because of the lack of public access, and it is hard to pay what they get from their work for a private driver or taxi. For instance, Friend of me has found work opportunity in kind of far area from where she live for about 1500 SR but when she found a driver, he said that he going to charge her 700RS per month. At the end, she could not accept the job offer and work for only 800 RS. It does not worth it! She said. What privileges Saudi women have! They are dependent completely on male guardian, lack mobility and cannot even make any decisions without income.

Opponents also argue that supporting this decision can increase the number of sexual harassments cases among women if they decided to be on the road alone. In spite of this claim, the number of harassment charges related to sex was not low. The sexual abuse does not report itself. Many children and women are afraid to report these cases because they are afraid they might have received the blame while they are victims. Why do the opponents assume that women don’t know how to deal with their problems in different situations, while they trust and encouraged 16-year-old males to be on the road even if he is behaving irresponsibly? Women are grown up and able to make decisions and actions like male adults. The Saudi society and government usually does not take serious action toward women abuse since they are the ones who encourage such action by improperly dressing or talking. Moreover, due to the fear of bringing shame to the family name, the victims stay silent. As a result, The number of these cases is not consolidated therefore This issue should undergo investigation to prove the influence of hiring private drivers on families and women especially as Nasser Aloud, a professor of social services, reported. According to Aloud, the number of the private drivers in Saudi Arabia has reached to 740,000 drivers. In addition, because families and women are in need of someone to drive them everywhere and there is no chance for women to access the public easily the number of the private drivers might increase if the banning continues. The regulation of allowing women to drive can help to reduce the sexual abuse cases as we decrease the times women and children are spending time alone with a stranger. By encouraging women to work as private drivers, we are helping to ensure that women who cannot drive or the children will be in safe hands. Because the foreign workers don’t speak the native language fluently, and they are not familiar with the society traditions so that might not help the people to reduce the sexual harassment cases as such law still absent.

Opponents' state that women do not need to work while there are somebody taking care of them since the opponent believe that work and bring the money is the male duty and it is not even necessary for women to work. However, there are more than 70% of Saudi women finished university degree but only 5% of them working for private sectors. In addition, the unemployment rate of the women in the kingdom up to 79%. Why women should live dependently for their whole life, while they can work and enhance their social life and economical condition as well. In fact, Saudi women have the lowest percent of participation in the labour force among the other gulf countries. For example, the highest rate was for the United Arab Emirates 59% while the lowest percent was for the Saudi women 15% for the government-employed and 5% for the private sectors. The differences between Emirates women and Saudi women obviously clear as the UAE women have many privileges over Saudi women. By supporting such decision, we are offering huge work opportunity for the women. Not only increase the job chances but also the country will benefit from keeping the money circulate inside the country which is positive for the national economy as the foreign drivers send the remittances abroad.

To conclude, in every society you will find different opinion of different issues that may people face every time and it is not fare to take one of these opinions into account and ignored the rest. No body will suspend from his/ her rights. There are always options and those who are not agreeing with women drive they can choose not to do. Religious and opponent always taking the easy way to evade the discuss of many issues by saying that the society is not ready yet for the change and neglecting the people's right to express their opinions about many issues. This is unbreakable circle and we need to understand as Saudi men and women that the longer we wait the harder it will get to change it. All we need is to train the police officers and be harsh on whomever breaking the rules of driving on the road by execution of punishment and penalties. In addition, if they aware of the mingling between both sexes then establish separate driving schools for the women could be the solution of this aware. It will be hard at the beginning but for sure, it will work at the end.

Monday, July 19, 2010

hidden happyly

Almost four weeks from the time that I decided to write about Muslim Women wearing Niqab or Burka I could not write it, yet it comes to my mind every time I saw veiled face woman walking through the city. I care to express my opinion about this issue, and the reason why is to confirm that wearing Niqab is not a part of Islam, so any women who doesn’t wear it won’t be non-Muslim. It is just tradition, and it might belong to some culture such as Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. It is so easy to make anything wide spread anywhere and anytime quickly by banning it from use or existence. I remember when the University of King Faisal in Saudi Arabia banned wearing coloured shirts and replaced them by white ones with black or blue long skirts to confirm to the equality between all girls students who are came from different economical backgrounds. Most students started buying new coloured shirts even though they weren’t doing this before; it is human nature. The same scenario happened with Niqab or Burka when it banned first in France and recently in Quebec, a Province in Canada .In fact, Canadian police state that every person who covers their face by using garments like Niqab or any thing will be charged after denying removing it while arrested for any issue. According to Statistics Canada, Out of thirty four millions in Canada there is one million are muslim and their number could be increased three more times in twenty years. Some women wear a face cover to practice the religion as they think. The Niqab issue rose in Canada after a woman immigrant from Egypt refused to take her Niqab off in French language class even though they let her present from the back of the class. Not only refusing to take her Niqab of but also refused to sit around U shaped table to do the speaking part with the other student. The question is how is she going to learn the language if she does not practice it with others! Actually, I don’t understand what this woman is thinking; she knows already what kind of culture she will live in and what kind of life she will have. In addition, this woman and more others continue following the same practice every time when they have to mingle with other males.

In fact, the nature of life in western countries promotes certain kind of life style. It is hard to depend on single income family. Muslim families understand this fact, but when it comes to the real life, there will be some obstacles for the women to go out and work. Some never worked in their home countries, and if so, they worked in different environment, which encourages them to wear specific kind of clothes and face cover if they work with males in same place. They have to realize that to cover their face could bring some problems and misunderstanding by others, which they do not need.

"While in Rome do what the Romans do". Hijab has brought enough attention to us. As Muslim women living in non-Islamic countries, we don’t want to be under the lime light and have extra attention from the others because of the practice of wearing Niqab when it even has no basis in Islam. There is no reason to keep yourself isolated and present inappropriate image of the Religion by using such things. I am not saying that they don’t have to follow their beliefs because this is not religion, it is just part of traditions. They could do both things: follow their religion and live normal life with other as citizen of one country.

No basis in Islam for Niqab or Burka:

Face cover was and still negotiable issue in and outside Muslim countries. One side argues that Niqab has no basis in Islam; it was just practiced back in history by some people and shouldn’t have to be as a pillar of Islam. While the other side criticises that it is mandatory for women to wear it because it is part of their beliefs. In addition, third party stated that this is just about womens choice; they are the ones who decide to wear it or not.

Canadian Muslim group was call for banning Burka, and according to the spokesperson of this group, Farzan Hassan stated, “wearing Niqab or Burka is more rooted in Middle East culture and it has nothing to do with Islam and there is nothing in Quran that asks women to cover their faces”. She added that this is public security matters and choosing to practice such things means that you hide your identity. I have talked with Muslim women from different backgrounds. All of them are not wearing Niqab or Burka just the headscarf. Surprisingly, some of them disagree with the idea that allows sitting a regulation that banning the face cover. Moreover, they argue that by supporting such regulation one day they will give up their Hijab for the same reasons of banning Niqab.

On the other hand, Mohammad El-masry, the former president of the Canadian Islamic Congress added that face veil is part of these people culture and identity, so they have the right to choose between wear it or not. The Burka is a veil generally covers the entire body, with the only mesh screen left to see through while the Niqab covers virtually all of the face with a slit generally left open for the eyes. I have no sufficient information about when is The Niqab or Burka start to appeared and practiced in Middle East countries. For example, when you ask someone old from Saudi Arabia, this person would tell you that men used to work in their fields and farms side by side with other women and the women didn’t bother to wear face veil because they were living simple and natural life together. Maybe the Burka or Niqab starting to appear after the oil discovered in the country and people there substituted working in farms by hiring foreign workers from near countries or Asian countries as well. The women did not participate anymore in everyday life. Moreover, it becomes noticeable that in the eighties when new understanding of Islamic rules by what they call it “Sahwaa” which is mean in English “The wake up” The austere form of Islam is based on the literal interpretation of Quran. From then everything changed in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the women there were prevented from participating in normal life. If they appear, they will be covered from head to toe to not allure men in the society.

Muslims all over the world became  stricter because of the wahhabism view of Islam. Moreover, because of the Wahhabi oils, money and their power play important roles it to spread the strictest understanding of Islam. Somebody may take a look of what happened in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and other Muslim countries. In the past, it was notable that there were fewer women wearing Niqab fewer than those who did not. The influence of wahhabism in the world becomes very obvious. Thus, some Islamic groups think that wearing Hijab, Niqab makes them good Muslim regardless of what they really think and what they really do in this life in terms to live together peacefully. Nevertheless, Islam is about how people live together in peace and love.

Some religious leaders mentioned that there is no basis of Niqab in Islam; it is just practiced by old societies back in history. Still there is a lot of Muslim not willing to understand it is not a piece of cloth, which decides if we are good people or not!! Rather than that, they insist not to let their wives and daughters to take it off and live natural life. Are those women and people who are still believed in such things more Muslim than others? I couldn’t believe that a piece of material would decide how much Muslim I am.

I understand that countries as if Saudi Arabia is very usual to see most of the women there in twentieth century still wearing Niqab or Burka. In recent years, some Saudi women have decided to take the hard decision of not wearing the Niqab or Burka anymore. Taking such a decision was not easy sometimes especially for those who come from strict families that expect wearing face veil from their daughters and other women in the family as a normal thing. I remember when my sisters and I decided not to wear Niqab anymore because it was hiding our identity and our personality and makes us just additional number between millions of women in Saudi Arabia. It is hard to think that you are here in this world to serve one purpose and you should be hidden until somebody comes and pick you up from your father’s house. You as a woman could be a disaster if you go out without your veil or face cover. To conclude,Islam, like many other religions, always there is people have their traditions and it is possible to have some misunderstanding, such as the face covering issue. By letting this happen, we are ruining beautiful traditions and religion as well.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The pianist

How bizarre the life is, some times you had the chance to meet people you wouldn’t expect to meet them in your life, Talk to them, or even like them. I used to live in downtown but after moving to quiet area which is near to the University I was so unhappy with the new place I don’t know why.

 I am still emotionally connected to this place; the coffee shops there, the public library, and shopping mall. No matter if, I need to spend thirty minutes to get to my sanctuary, my comfort zone, my first memories place in Canada. I spent my main time reading at the public library or at Starbucks enjoying my coffee or green tea frappuccino recently. He was there, sixty year old, handsome, with completely gray hair. I saw him every time sitting by himself reading newspaper or solving words game in his small book. He always smiling at me and looks comfortable but I always feel that lonesomeness in his eyes.

On Thursday I was there returning from volunteer interview. I stop by starbucks to get my favorite coffee and sit down for few minutes before catching my bus. The moment I was heading to the starbucks sitting area I surprised by the over peopling there. There is no empty spot left! I was standing for a moment figuring out what is my next step would be. He was smiling at me from the first moment I showed up there and then he had the reason to talk to me and asks me if I do not mind sit with him since there was no empty spot left for me. I do not know how to describe this moment but it was not that strange I felt that I was like a present from the sky to him. He wants someone to speak with and because I've tried how hard when you do not have any one to speak with or spend time with. We were talking for two hours in randomized topics, about him and me. He is a pianist working in a hotel playing his music for the hotel's residents. I'm always interested in learning play musical instruments especially piano or the Arabic music instrument "Oud".

As a matter of fact, Saudi Arabia banning learning music or even listen to it, whether in schools or public areas such as coffee shops according to the wahhabi interpretation of Islamic rules. He invited me to listen to him at the hotel lounge on Friday it was like a dream when he starts playing on the piano and I feel like a princess, he was so happy to see me and I felt good about it because I was the reason for some ones happiness in this world.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Embrace your future

I am a big fan of Horoscopes actually. Yet, am not that obsessed person who is not taking any step out of my place befor checking out my horoscope. I was reading today in hotmail website and my luck for today was telling me that it is effictive to move toward your future without keeping an old objects stuck with you.

"Discard those items from the past for which you really no longer have use. As much as you like to surround yourself with objects of sentimental value, the time comes when it's necessary to look to the future rather than dwell on the past. The time spent cleaning your home and throwing out extraneous things will release you from the past and allow you to embrace the future"

Its quite true that i have collecting stuff disorder and i dont want to call it hoarder problem its not that worse. I dont know since when i have started that. I have been keeping stuff like, old school exams, advertisements for some programs that i might go to, scrap papers that i used for study one day, news papers and magazinse. Im not sure about the reasons for that it could be for secure feeling or for more controling of things in your life but im sure that its hard.Persons with this problem might experience; anxiety, uncomfortable feeling or even failed attempts to sleep at night.

Im not going to talk about the reatment for this disorder but i want to say that gething rid of useful feelings and stuff not just important to your place but also to your soul, it will gives you the feeling of purity and "every thing under control". Lots of peoples stuck with thier past and dont know what to do about it, so this is the time to do it and live freely.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Childhood memories


Here are some photos that i found online, they reminds me in my childhood therefor i post them here... Is it true that we have changed through time?! is it true that our life become more complicated, people become less carefull toward each other and less friendly or it is just becouse i have changed and grow emotionally and physycally and my feeling and understanding for everyting has changed as well.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

when happiness vanished

 How strange for your happiness moments turn upside down immediately. This spring I decided to visit Vancouver for few days after finishing the final exams. It’s very nice city unlike Winnipeg the most things I like is the crowed and noise especially in weekends. I got my results for the three courses for this semester couple days ago and every joy moment vanished and now the all I can see is unclear picture for my life and future for woman in Saudi Arabia. The good news is I passed them all but the sad thing is one of the courses I really did badly on it I didn’t expect this result. Maybe someone said at least you pass them all!! NO.
I’m special student in premaster program and it has been requested from me to have the highest mark to be eligible for the master program but now I’m very worry especially when the professor asks me to set an appointment to discuss the updating in my school performance. My days in Vancouver become boring and I want to come back to Winnipeg very fast to figure out what is going on and look for another solution to continue my study anywhere in Canada.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lost Memories

Dear God, I know I need long time to achieve what I want to be, or simply what makes me satisfied about my crazy life. I was so sad when I started studying in agricultural collage specifically in foods and nutrition school from a long time ago (about five years ago). I felt that was not my fate! That wasn’t me; end up as a home economic "often fat" teacher in high school somewhere in Saudi Arabia. All makes jokes on home economic teachers with common thoughts. For example, home economic teacher are not in important position "they are silly, love to eat too much, and not sexy at all". Day by day, minutes by minutes in this collage with that voice growing inside my head”you will be something different". In recent years of school I recognized that I’m learning something great. I understand that nutrition have changed my life, I lose about 25 KG from my weight and I really want to change others life through foods and nutrition. I have never imagined that I can travel to Canada for continuing my education but now my prophecy come true. The more time I spend in school the more I feel I’m in the right place.


Daughter of Arabia

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tank fish

I was sittingg on my brown couch blaming myself about delaying cleaning my fish tank.
It may live longer if i just move my butt and clean it
the fish will look more healthy ... swim around.
but its too late now I was so busy to do that. Every time i told myself thats ok i will do it later.
the time passing 
the wall clock go Tik Tak Tik Tak Tik Tak
The fish swimming in the bottom of the tank and stuck near the porcelain mermaid sometimes. My heart start beating faster i felt that somthing gonna happen to my sweet fish.
The water was very dirty, cloudy, and fishy. I decided to start cleaning so i asked my brother for some help, once we done cleaning the tank we found the fish died. It was a sad moment for me i couldnt through my fish in the garbage and ask my brother to do that instead.
It is gone because i forgot or delayed to clean the tank of my fish but what if my own tank have not be cleaned for whatever reason. Every person i think in some how living in a fish tank and need to clean it from time to time to get rid of the significant miss that we did every moment. Is it possible to end up like me fish, stuck at the bottom and waiting for help from someone special to do that. That is make me feel scared littel bit.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An old mail

I was reading through my old e-mails today and i found this interesting one. I know its not that funny to post it here but i can tell you how the new home which full of hope and freedome can creat different person.. After sending me this mail she moved to her new home to live as human being working to reach her lost dream in The Lost Land.

"I feel that I want to die today not tomorrow because tomorrow will never come. I waited for my dreems to come true but I think it will never ever do. My application to the universities in Australia were rejected. I'm thinking of going to the USA. (omitted part). It doesn't matter how to live there. Even if I will be alone. I don't want to stay here in Saudi Arabia. I feel that I can't breath my heart will stop beating if I still be here. I don't know how to think and what to do it is hard for me. This life is sucke. I hate my job because I'm dealing with guys who don't respect me as a human been.I feel alone after my sister got married.Our society don't understand being a 26 years old girl who didn't get married. they will deal with her that she made something wrong. Most of men are bad they think that they are acting like God. I need someone to understand me and hold me tite be with me and accepts me for who I am. Is this too much for me? Is it?!
Why the peolpe acting mean? Why?
I want to kill myself. I don't want to live anymore. That's it. Please enough.
I don't want another day to come because I'll suffer alot for being a live.
I don't know why I'm telling you all of this. I don't know why :(
I feel bad right now. I can't think.
:( I'm sorry
I wish you a good life with whom you choose. Try to run to your dreems and try to make them come true.
Bye for ever
God bless you"

No comment.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy belated Christmas in March???!!!

Happy belated Christmas?!!!

According to Alwatan Saudi news paper on Sunday issue, an egyptian peasant arrested by saudi religious police -in northern provience, Haiel- because he decided to  express his happiness about his wife pregnancy after six years of  married so, he rented a place to celebrate this occasion with 200 of his friends, after playing music the police arrived and captured them. Saudi Religious police claimed that he was celebrating christmas @@ What?! are you serious?
I understand those people concedering lestining to music as forbedin act in Islam ( according to thier understanding) but what i dont really understand how they came up with the Christmas in March. 
Shame on them they are trying to restrict people's freedom and destroy every thing beuteful in this country. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Be aware there in music in there

Be aware there in music in there

This summer there will be a special occasion for the family. My eldest brother will get marred. Unfortunately, I cannot attend the wedding, due to my busyness life as postgraduate student and poor economical condition of me. Therefore, I cannot fly from Canada to Saudi Arabia. I will set and see what is going on through my sisters' mouth, who is going to the wedding and who is not, blah, blah, blah. There is huge arguments down the road every time when some one in the family getting married. People will be divided in three groups: the first one, the people whose want to attend the event, dance, and enjoy DJ, because they said, "this is the way wedding day should be, for having fun. The other group totally opposed with the first group, they think there should not be music in the wedding due to their understanding of Islam. They argue that goes against Islam or their right to be in a highest level of Islam. The last one, will attend the event dance, have fun, and congrats the bride and the groom families and does not matter what is run in there whether, music or Islamic stuff (I do not know what is the name in English). Interestingly, I do not remember anybody -- almost five years ago - saying that she will not be able to attend the wedding day because she doesn't listen to music! I really respect any one choice to listen to music or not but come on! is our ancestors less Muslims than us?! I think its all about our understanding of Islam. Islam it is not a bunch of free spiritual orders. So, go and have fun dance because it's wedding not funeral.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Saudi Lingerie Campaign your support is needed, Are you gonna do your part?!

Arab have said "silence is a sign of acceptance" and you can't image how many people oppressed by that said.Nobody talk then every thing is allright,Nobody complain then everybody is ok. I got this night an E-mail from Saudi woman  campaigner who establesh Saudi Lingerie campaign (Reem Assad) demanding to allow women work on lingerie shops rather than men ... She suggested to continue her campaign with asking for help from in and out of Saudi Arabia by sending a letter to the mother company in the UK whose Saudi Arabian franchise is in key violation of labor laws (in KSA and maybe other countries) to put more pressure on the companies to change thier policies.

" Campaign Supporter: Your Help is needed

(No funding required)

Dear campaign supporter (in and outside Saudi Arabia):

As the campaign progressed and its impact is become more palpable on both the media and public landscape, I would like to apply more pressure on the industry. I am sending a letter to the mother company in the UK whose Saudi Arabian franchise is in key violation of labor laws (in KSA and maybe other countries). Marks & Spencer is an intimate wear haven to many around the world. Saudi shoppers are frequent visitors to its flagship Marble Arch store (London). Unfortunately, its Jeddah (KSA) key Tahlia store is where I was completely embarrassed and harassed as a customer and a woman. In fact, the campaign was inspired in that very place.



So, your help is needed are you going to support those who need your voice?! I will.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thanks for your advice but.......

Thanks for your advice but.......

Billions of people every day, smoking and enjoying their habit without any attention to disgusting pictures posting at the back of the Cigarette pack... They knew it is damage their bodies and their brain but still every morning there is someone blowing smoke and drink his black coffee... every day there is a mother or a husband or even younger brother, asking you to choose your clothes and your hijab properly because you are not wearing it according to the Islamic rules... Millions of obese people dying everyday with all of these nutrition food policies and programs regulated by governments but still the number of obese people are getting higher every year and it is cost the health care system billions of dollars annually.Why nothing change? Why not alot of people quet smoking? why not alot of obese lose some weight?Why?! I do not know if the Hijab example fit with what am going to say, but I really want to say that we cannot fix every thing with giving advices or set such program to get rid of serious problem… I do not know! I was thinking if its help then we do not need to live personal experience…. All what you need to read someone's book or listen to eldest person in your family. I Think advised some one is another way to say I care about you and I want you to have the best, but as I believe its at the same time sending another message about your lack of experience….. However, there is small different between hijab example and the other examples I listed above. I do believe that when it comes to your health it does not only affect you individually but affects the whole community.People should take responsibility to reduce the damege on theirself and on the whole community as well. As example, Obesity. But, when it comes to wearing hijab I do not think that will hurt if you or causing severe problem for the community if some women decided wear it or not it’s a personal choice.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Halal Fast Food

I dont know what i can say and from where i can start i'll just start it . I'm the one who like to eat Fast Food sometimes; burger king, pepperoni pizza from Dominose pizza, Shawarma yummy yummy. I am rarely doing that after moving to Canada because i only eat Halal food and now im stuck with vegetatian food if i decided go out with my friends. At the begining i thought its good to be healthy and avoid this kind of food but come on people need change sometnimes. On Valentines day i went with my sister to the mall it was so boring, nothning to do it seems like every one busy with his own plan for this special day. When it comes to the food i spend too much time thinking about what i can order for dinner; vigie max from subway,cheese lasagnea from Vanellie's, or vegie works from NewYork fries. I know there is som Halal food restaurant in down town ,there is one for Shawarma but it is horrible its not fresh and expensive too. The hard one when i am at the university, sometimes i really dont have time to cook for my lunch. There is no halal food. I think its important to have some choices in their menues cuz there is a lot of Muslim international students there. i know some saudis eat meat and chicken even if it is not slaughtered according to islamic rules but not all of muslims do. I heard from friends of me living in USA there is fast food restaurant selling Halal meal too because in this area there is a lot of muslims anyways i hope somthing change or at leat i can find some alternatives tell this time take care.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spread love


Wish you all happy valentines day.

Enshallah next year i'll spend it with my true love
have fun

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The choice of being human

I was remembering my cute cockatiel that I bought in back home. When I graduated from university, I had a lot of free time I've nothing to do but searching for job. Then I decided to get cute parrot with those bright orange patches on chicks. That makes me so busy; feeding, cleaning, and plying with my new pet. I loved to leave it play on my lab, jumping from my shoulder to my head. I had very good moments with my Tweety until my mom told me that I cannot do that any more because of my tow youngest sisters are afraid from the bird flying everywhere. I refused that at the beginning so I decided to do it in my bedroom but eventually I choose not to do because of the miss that happened from the bird flying and spreading feathers everywhere and the birdseeds cover my carpet. My cute cockatiel ends up confined in a cage. Day by day, my cute cockatiel becomes quieter and very awareness to any object that getting close to the cage and sounding like crazy. It was very scary to me. I could not play with it any more nor touch its soft feathers. It is a small bird but I care and feel sorry about it, what if it was a human?!! Living, interacting with other people, loves, and hate…. I believe that everyone has the right to live freely, and having the quality of life. Imagine that somebody controlling your life for any reason, preventing you from living normal life, keeping you isolated from others because they are hold different religion or even keeps you away from opposite sex because they think that going to spoil you and ruin your life or this is against your believes. This is totally crazy but its happen in Saudi Arabia any ways!!

I was reading online in Association for Discussion of National Issues of Saudi Arabia (ADNISA) three weeks ago. There were an article wrote by ADNISA arguing that Saudi should band from travel to the west for study or whatever reasons. ADNISA started the article by talking about the "generation's gap" between elder and younger generation and I do not know how it is related to preventing Saudis from traveling to the West. Unless ADINSA mean that is because of this gap youth Saudis trying to escape the country, maybe this is somehow true. ADINSA also described youth as useless people spending too much time watching "Hollywood movies, Lebanese video clips and playing soccer". Yes, this is the way younger Saudis spend their time. However, most importantly why they are spending too much time on that? In addition, they put all the blame on "media", which is influenced Saudi youth in negative ways from their intensive sexual desire to lifestyle and dress coded. (Jeans and low waist) - Media somehow involved in changing people's life but this is another story- I do not think there is anybody deny what some Saudis have done while they are traveling abroad for any purpose. Some of them caught red-handed or being in trouble because of misbehaving, sexual harassment, and carelessness. I am partially agreed with ADINSA in diagnosis the problem but not in the treatment.

In a country like Saudi Arabia, when most of the population is youth – it is estimated about more than 50% of population are youth - this reality with unemployment higher rate, restricting understanding of Islam, and unreasonable preventing mingling between both sexes in society, works hand in hand to deteriorate Saudi's youth life on many levels. For example, socially, emotionally, and psychologically

Ok let us do not put all the blame on Saudi youth I am not saying that they are not guilty but I believe in (victim - guilty theory) that means nobody 100% victim or 100% guilty. People could be in a particular situation and forced to do what they have done. I do not mean there is somebody forced them but maybe that is happening inattention.

ADINSA thinks that one orientation program that the Saudi government implemented for Saudis who are about leaving to another country for education purpose is capable to educate them and teach them how to well behave respectfully and responsibly in their new life with completely different culture. Again, the writer in a typical thinking trying to put the blame on women, who dressed in someway differently, which, is attracted for Saudi youth.
Importantly, one program or advice cannot change person's mind or values. The solution starts from Saudi Arabia, from the society.

Saudi Arabian needs more than orientation program to solve this miss. They need social revolution to build a new future for all Saudis, women and men side by side.
Allow them to Mingle in a healthy environment with other sex at universities and work places, and build places for entertainment such as Movie Theater, parks, and public libraries.
Teach them that morals comes first before religion or any thing else because religion does not worth any thing without morals and well behaved with other people.
At the end ADINSA, suggest that Saudi government should not send any students abroad for education continuing. Moreover, it is better than that to have good local universities for Saudi students. ADINSA ignored the vary benefits that comes from travels especially for education purpose. For example, learn about new culture, had high quality education, and more importantly let the others know about Saudi culture.
Everyone have the right to travel and have high quality education and do not should anyone band for any reasons.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have a good weekend

I remembered when my dad bought all my seblings skating shoes and i really wants to learn how to skate but it seems to be defficult to stand up for me due to my wieght hhhh, but i insist to try it and finaly figure out how to stand withowt filling down. This suterday i went to skating at the forks with my sister. i tried to skate but it was different skateing on the ice more harder than using skating shoes, unfortunatily i was so scared to skate and couldnt managed to do it,spent four dolars renting skating shoes for nuthing hhhh but at least i knew how different it is. Wish you all my friends happy week end... Enjoy Winnipeg's winter and dont complain about the weather :)

Breaking the mold

In Canada, it is hardily ever walks in the street without finding at least some people not having any part of thier body percied. Such as, nose, lips, tongue, and most commonly not only in Canada earrings but also everywhere. Body piercing is wide spread trend between young people particularly more than other adult people
It is, I mean body piercing not something new just in contemporary society. Back in history there are some signs prove that body piercing found in previous societies such as Egyptian, Romanian and African. According to who have studied the mummified remains from Egyptian Pyramid, have discovered ear piercing there. Body piercing has been used for many reasons; for symbolizing person's statues and wealthy, for religious or superstitious issue. For example, In Roman society, piercing has another story. Romans were very practical people, and for them piercing server a purpose. More interestingly, they were pierced their nipples not because they looks nice but to signify their strength and virility, even Julius Caesar pierced his nipples to show his strength with his men. More over, Some African tribes they pierce the lip usually the lower one and put a small disk in the hall till it gets wider and wider by using bigger size of disks and this kind of tradition detriment if the women worthy to get marred. I can imagine exactly what going to be happen if woman from Saudi Arabia followed this tradition, obviously no body will conceder her worthy to get marred I think it is a matter of being acceptable in your society.

Some people argues that body piercing in specific parts of the body or face held some meaning or reflect some ones sexuality statues, but the questions is why people want to have body piercing?!!
Body piercing is obviously a way to express yourself, for pleasurablse sexual influences or even to be a unique. As known, younger people do many things to show their self and their rejection for whatever they do not like. It is a great form of rebellion.
Saudi Arabia as an example, body adornment considered to be only for women and for religious or traditions matters not acceptable for men. The most common form for body piercing is earrings and recently nose rings but this kind it is not common. Men are considered to show strength and carelessness about body adornments and fashion stuff. Recently younger men changed their idea about their appearance little bit, but still some of them do not agree with new changes at all and hard for a society like Saudi accommodate with changes even though lip piercing or any trends especially close-minded people.
I determined to break the mold and have my lip pierced before about more than four months because I liked it very much and I thought it is a great way to express myself and be special. As a woman came from country like Saudi Arabia
that would be a huge change for me not in a personal level but if we can say in social level. People there are less likely to accept new issues due to misunderstand. This getting worst, when they attack you without any concerns for your rights to do whatever you think it good for you but not harmful for the others for sure as an adult person. Yes, I know this is a human nature but not when it comes to body piercing but any ways something new not always BAD.
Many of them thought there is a meaning beyond every kind of piercing. For example one of my relative was so scared and telling me that lip piercing just for lesbian!!! That make me laughed I said it just a lip piercing .don't missed every thing up!
when I volunteer at the mosque in my area helping organizing, serving food and to celebrate Eid with muslim community in Canada there is muslim girl keep staring to my lips and smiling. It seems there are something interest her, finally I found her ask me if body piercing or lip piercing Halal OR Haram (An Arabic terms means if it is forbidden according to Islamic rules or not) because she wants her lips pierced but she was afraid to do that?!! I surprisingly shouted: what!!! I do not know why some Muslims related every thing to religion it is just different pretty think I would like to have. Actually I google it just to be in the safe side and ask some of my friends in US and Canada. I found that many people surprised and denied that lip piercing or any kind of piercing used to serve specific purposes in our days such as, bisexuality. It is just for adornment matters.