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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy belated Christmas in March???!!!

Happy belated Christmas?!!!

According to Alwatan Saudi news paper on Sunday issue, an egyptian peasant arrested by saudi religious police -in northern provience, Haiel- because he decided to  express his happiness about his wife pregnancy after six years of  married so, he rented a place to celebrate this occasion with 200 of his friends, after playing music the police arrived and captured them. Saudi Religious police claimed that he was celebrating christmas @@ What?! are you serious?
I understand those people concedering lestining to music as forbedin act in Islam ( according to thier understanding) but what i dont really understand how they came up with the Christmas in March. 
Shame on them they are trying to restrict people's freedom and destroy every thing beuteful in this country. 


Angel said...

Wow that is kinda sad

Anonymous said...

wow. sad. stupid. dumb. retarded. wtf. funny. ridiculous. iono. .....jaw dropping.