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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Embrace your future

I am a big fan of Horoscopes actually. Yet, am not that obsessed person who is not taking any step out of my place befor checking out my horoscope. I was reading today in hotmail website and my luck for today was telling me that it is effictive to move toward your future without keeping an old objects stuck with you.

"Discard those items from the past for which you really no longer have use. As much as you like to surround yourself with objects of sentimental value, the time comes when it's necessary to look to the future rather than dwell on the past. The time spent cleaning your home and throwing out extraneous things will release you from the past and allow you to embrace the future"

Its quite true that i have collecting stuff disorder and i dont want to call it hoarder problem its not that worse. I dont know since when i have started that. I have been keeping stuff like, old school exams, advertisements for some programs that i might go to, scrap papers that i used for study one day, news papers and magazinse. Im not sure about the reasons for that it could be for secure feeling or for more controling of things in your life but im sure that its hard.Persons with this problem might experience; anxiety, uncomfortable feeling or even failed attempts to sleep at night.

Im not going to talk about the reatment for this disorder but i want to say that gething rid of useful feelings and stuff not just important to your place but also to your soul, it will gives you the feeling of purity and "every thing under control". Lots of peoples stuck with thier past and dont know what to do about it, so this is the time to do it and live freely.

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Hopeless Poet said...

I also find it hard to get rid of the old stuff I have! Empty boxes of PCs and PC related stuff! Old magazines and news papers. Old high school books even!
Things get lost easily in my room cos of the crowdness:(