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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Samar's case was a consequence behind bigger dilemma

Samar's Case was the tip of an iceberg of women's abuse series in Saudi Arabia. Thousands of stories similar to her's happening every time behind the closed door and since the victims stayed silent their story disappeared in the men's world. Samar Badawi, Saudi woman who are divorced and have a son. She is abused by her father, who are considered to be her fully guardian since she is divorced and her son are not adult to take this turn according to Saudi law. The father insulted her verbally and physically not just this he was interfering in her personal life and that probably caused the end of her mirage. Interestingly, the father was documented to be abused but this was not enough for the judge to be justice. He is like most of the men in Saudi Arabia thinks women must submit to their guardians ( father, brother, husband or even son).

Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV) DC chapter activist Fatima Thompson Leads Saudi Arabia Protest in Washington DC - June 26, 2010

The woman was staying in women's shelter for more than a year waiting for a miracle happend to be responsible on her life as adult. Samar and her lawyer Waleed Abulkhair decided to go public and spread out internationally to catch international people and human’s rights attention. I think this is successful way with a country like Saudi Arabia, which is care too much about its international image. Finally they made it and have lots of people's support. She have her story published in many international newspapers.
This issue wasn't about one woman its about more that 50% or audi Arabian population "Women" iit could be other Saudi woman who suffer from one of her family's member. It could be me!! The guardianship law is one of hundreds of oppressive low against women should be change. This must change to protect the women from all types of abuse. By supporting such thing we are empowering women and letting our country and our life to improve.

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