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Rebellious Saudi woman. My life has began once i arrived to Canada in 2008, from that moment i realized that there is a lot of things i need to catch up with .... Welcome to my Blog. If anything I have to say offends you, I can assure you that I am not sorry.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have a good weekend

I remembered when my dad bought all my seblings skating shoes and i really wants to learn how to skate but it seems to be defficult to stand up for me due to my wieght hhhh, but i insist to try it and finaly figure out how to stand withowt filling down. This suterday i went to skating at the forks with my sister. i tried to skate but it was different skateing on the ice more harder than using skating shoes, unfortunatily i was so scared to skate and couldnt managed to do it,spent four dolars renting skating shoes for nuthing hhhh but at least i knew how different it is. Wish you all my friends happy week end... Enjoy Winnipeg's winter and dont complain about the weather :)

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