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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The choice of being human

I was remembering my cute cockatiel that I bought in back home. When I graduated from university, I had a lot of free time I've nothing to do but searching for job. Then I decided to get cute parrot with those bright orange patches on chicks. That makes me so busy; feeding, cleaning, and plying with my new pet. I loved to leave it play on my lab, jumping from my shoulder to my head. I had very good moments with my Tweety until my mom told me that I cannot do that any more because of my tow youngest sisters are afraid from the bird flying everywhere. I refused that at the beginning so I decided to do it in my bedroom but eventually I choose not to do because of the miss that happened from the bird flying and spreading feathers everywhere and the birdseeds cover my carpet. My cute cockatiel ends up confined in a cage. Day by day, my cute cockatiel becomes quieter and very awareness to any object that getting close to the cage and sounding like crazy. It was very scary to me. I could not play with it any more nor touch its soft feathers. It is a small bird but I care and feel sorry about it, what if it was a human?!! Living, interacting with other people, loves, and hate…. I believe that everyone has the right to live freely, and having the quality of life. Imagine that somebody controlling your life for any reason, preventing you from living normal life, keeping you isolated from others because they are hold different religion or even keeps you away from opposite sex because they think that going to spoil you and ruin your life or this is against your believes. This is totally crazy but its happen in Saudi Arabia any ways!!

I was reading online in Association for Discussion of National Issues of Saudi Arabia (ADNISA) three weeks ago. There were an article wrote by ADNISA arguing that Saudi should band from travel to the west for study or whatever reasons. ADNISA started the article by talking about the "generation's gap" between elder and younger generation and I do not know how it is related to preventing Saudis from traveling to the West. Unless ADINSA mean that is because of this gap youth Saudis trying to escape the country, maybe this is somehow true. ADINSA also described youth as useless people spending too much time watching "Hollywood movies, Lebanese video clips and playing soccer". Yes, this is the way younger Saudis spend their time. However, most importantly why they are spending too much time on that? In addition, they put all the blame on "media", which is influenced Saudi youth in negative ways from their intensive sexual desire to lifestyle and dress coded. (Jeans and low waist) - Media somehow involved in changing people's life but this is another story- I do not think there is anybody deny what some Saudis have done while they are traveling abroad for any purpose. Some of them caught red-handed or being in trouble because of misbehaving, sexual harassment, and carelessness. I am partially agreed with ADINSA in diagnosis the problem but not in the treatment.

In a country like Saudi Arabia, when most of the population is youth – it is estimated about more than 50% of population are youth - this reality with unemployment higher rate, restricting understanding of Islam, and unreasonable preventing mingling between both sexes in society, works hand in hand to deteriorate Saudi's youth life on many levels. For example, socially, emotionally, and psychologically

Ok let us do not put all the blame on Saudi youth I am not saying that they are not guilty but I believe in (victim - guilty theory) that means nobody 100% victim or 100% guilty. People could be in a particular situation and forced to do what they have done. I do not mean there is somebody forced them but maybe that is happening inattention.

ADINSA thinks that one orientation program that the Saudi government implemented for Saudis who are about leaving to another country for education purpose is capable to educate them and teach them how to well behave respectfully and responsibly in their new life with completely different culture. Again, the writer in a typical thinking trying to put the blame on women, who dressed in someway differently, which, is attracted for Saudi youth.
Importantly, one program or advice cannot change person's mind or values. The solution starts from Saudi Arabia, from the society.

Saudi Arabian needs more than orientation program to solve this miss. They need social revolution to build a new future for all Saudis, women and men side by side.
Allow them to Mingle in a healthy environment with other sex at universities and work places, and build places for entertainment such as Movie Theater, parks, and public libraries.
Teach them that morals comes first before religion or any thing else because religion does not worth any thing without morals and well behaved with other people.
At the end ADINSA, suggest that Saudi government should not send any students abroad for education continuing. Moreover, it is better than that to have good local universities for Saudi students. ADINSA ignored the vary benefits that comes from travels especially for education purpose. For example, learn about new culture, had high quality education, and more importantly let the others know about Saudi culture.
Everyone have the right to travel and have high quality education and do not should anyone band for any reasons.


Neda said...

I totally disagree with your OPINIONS, they are based strictly on what you believe and not what is best ISLAMICALLY for Saudis and for Muslims as a whole. You definitely need to learn more about Islam and make better statements based on what Islam teaches rather than your "own feelings" This is the main reason we have so many Saudis/Muslims astray today... and I quote "Men and Women side by side and allow them to MINGLE..." this statement is very troubling...sigh!

Everyone has the right to travel and have a quality education, I agree, however for Muslims, it should be- IN AN ISLAMIC ENVIRONMENT and preferably an islamic education that will not only benefit them in this life but in the next.

ADNISA said...