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Rebellious Saudi woman. My life has began once i arrived to Canada in 2008, from that moment i realized that there is a lot of things i need to catch up with .... Welcome to my Blog. If anything I have to say offends you, I can assure you that I am not sorry.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Online Sources

Simply Soups

Soups are always easy to make and easy to get from you daily nutrition recommendations... this is a very delicious website offering a great selections of soups and how you can prepare them. For example, you would find soups for vegetarian, non vegitarian and more of international soups.... and it is just perrrrfect for winter to stay fed and warm. Enjoy it.

Tehran Review

Am always interested about Iran especially the country after Islamic revulotion.. how it is affect the peoples daily life? What they are think about it? And many issues happened inside Iran revealed by Tehran Review website.... Take a look at it ,that might helps you to reads between the lines.. Koda Hafez (May God Bless You).

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