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Thursday, April 29, 2010

when happiness vanished

 How strange for your happiness moments turn upside down immediately. This spring I decided to visit Vancouver for few days after finishing the final exams. It’s very nice city unlike Winnipeg the most things I like is the crowed and noise especially in weekends. I got my results for the three courses for this semester couple days ago and every joy moment vanished and now the all I can see is unclear picture for my life and future for woman in Saudi Arabia. The good news is I passed them all but the sad thing is one of the courses I really did badly on it I didn’t expect this result. Maybe someone said at least you pass them all!! NO.
I’m special student in premaster program and it has been requested from me to have the highest mark to be eligible for the master program but now I’m very worry especially when the professor asks me to set an appointment to discuss the updating in my school performance. My days in Vancouver become boring and I want to come back to Winnipeg very fast to figure out what is going on and look for another solution to continue my study anywhere in Canada.


Hopeless Poet said...

I have only been in the sky of Vancouver and it is a beautiful place! Shame your results prevented you from enjoying it! I hope you get another chance and get to finish your masters. I will be starting mine this year!

Daughter of Arabia said...

First thanks for ur comment. secondly, its really great city u should visit it. Good luck for u in ur master.

Meme said...

aww, well I hope things work out. I know how university life is like and the pressure that comes along with them. Just remember to always give it your all and NEVER give up!

Daughter of Arabia said...

Yet Meme Thanks for your words