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Monday, June 1, 2009


Head scarf (Hijab in Arabic)

Head scarf or hijab as known in Arabic Language.Hijab not just for Arabs women but all Muslim women as many Muslims believe according to their understanding to Islam.
It wasn't a big deal till I came Canada. For woman lives her whole life in Saudi Arabia its obvious thing. All the women there wear it some of them believe in it and some others don’t but any way in SA they have to wear it. I had hard time because of feeling isolated or strange at leas for other people here who don’t know why I cover my head. It seems simple question but for it is so complicated!! Not because it's difficult to explain but because I don’t agree with the answer "according to my religion I have to cover my head"
Really, I tried to accept this answer but I couldn’t.
What has happened?
I had a conversation with friends and cousins about this issue and the only answer I got: "Its part of your religion you have to accept that" That’s mean take it all or leave it .when you notice a lot of Muslims life you will find many bad things and unethical behaviours but still they are focus on small piece that will cover woman's head as a standard of dignity and morals. I am not saying every Muslim is bad but simply we are human and mistakes happen every time everywhere.
What I say….
My point here is not to be in any side. It doesn’t matter I can keep it as a uniform or something I don’t want to disappoint people who expect from me another choice or go against them. However, this is my opinion.
I'm totally respect every person because of the way she/he treated me and treats other people as a human.
I respect every woman choose to wear it or not the most important thing is the woman itself.
I do not want a country force women to wear the Hijab like Saudi Arabia or a country force women not to wear it like Turkey because in both situation its take peoples right for religious freedom.

To be continued >>>>


Anonymous said...

Wow, MashaAllah, great post! That's exactly how I feel - that the woman herself is the most important, and that there shouldn't be women forced to wear hijab, or forced not to wear it. I was watching a news clip from Turkey with my husband a while ago that showed a girl/woman removing her pretty headscarf before entering a school in Turkey. That made me really sad. :(

Daughter of Arabia said...

Thank you for your comment :)

amyinbc said...

This may be why I shun organized religion! Thank you for nailing it on the head my dear. I do not attend any churches in the area (raised Catholic) as I do not believe any intelligent being on this earth should be ruled by archaic (usually man generated) rituals. In your case if I CHOSE to wear a head scarf hiding my hair and most of my face I would. To be told I MUST? Not acceptable.

I hope you take your time in this country to learn and soak up all that you can, will make you such a wiser person heading back to the homeland. If you do that is! Would love to see you stay happily and learn of your adjustments to my country :)

Daughter of Arabia said...

I dont know but some time i think all relegions gives peoples color most of them comes from the same source but any way i dont like to advirtise for my relegion its faith not sail. I hate people whos doing that.

RZ said...

so do you wear the hijab in canada? or are you like other Saudi women who come to the west and pretend they're not muslim or arabs just to blend in with the population, it's sort of hypocritical if you ask me. There are a lot of Muslims in canada many of whom are women who wear the hijab and are proud of their religion and identity. No one is perfect just because a Muslim does bad things doesn't mean that they shouldn't follow their religious obligations, Mulsims are human too.

Daughter of Arabia said...

I'm still war it in canada but for me some time i have hard time coz i dont want people steryotype my that dissapoint me. and for women who pretend they are not muslim some time i cant plame them you know some times its psycological problem or somthing like that coz in their country forced to wear it or they cant take it off in country like Saudi Arabia for example while there is religous police chasing women to force them wear it by yeling at them in front all people disrespectly.They are at the end human being so forcing people doing any thing they dont want to do its not the solution.

desertmonsoon said...

I think you are right, it should be someone's choice to wear it or not wear it.