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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

International Women's Day 8th, March

I received an email from a friend I have never met in my life this afternoon - am completely thankful to the power of internet that helps to bring people together- she is a young woman from Kuwait I knew her for almost three years, excitedly she was telling me that she just graduated from university and ready to move on towards the next level of her life. Recently she was visiting Saudi Arabia specifically Mecca. She was delightful describing how this brings peace and calmness to her soul and how Saudi Arabian woman she met there were caring and kind to her. How lucky you are: she said because you are from Saudi Arabia, it is such a nice country. This really touching something inside me and makes the waterfall works began and this is the reason why I decided to share this story with you. I was shattered between two major feelings, the natural love of my home and the struggle I go through just because of my gender. Saudi women deserve a better life and opportunities more than what they have. I won’t start to list the achievements on women’s rights level Saudi women have done because there are not so many. I’m writing today for the Saudi woman from different ages and backgrounds who are still suffering and struggling in the name of religion, traditions or anything used to push them back to the shadow zone for not to be seen by others. In 2011 while people are celebrating the International Women’s Day (IWD) every year on 8th of March, Saudi Arabian woman are still begging their rights from those who put themselves in the place of God. It is overwhelming for me and for all the human rights activists in this area that the majority of women accept this situation as a normal way of living and waiting desperately for their rights fall from the sky or delivered as a gift, they are isolated from the life that they should be part of and participated in. For the woman of Saudi Arabia who chooses to be free they should fight very hard and not to afraid or compromise to acquire normal and basic rights. History has shown us many examples of women who paid their life price for their freedom or take the risk swimming against the stream flaw. One example is, Malalai Joya, “the bravest woman in Afghanistan” according to BBC news. This woman did what thousands or millions of men are afraid to do. She simply raises her voice to unmask those who destroyed Afghanistan in the name of Islam. That voice was against warlords!

Malalai Joya risks her life for the sake of Afghan people, men and women. Even with four assassination attempts and suspend from the Parliament because of her persistent criticism against warlords she never compromise. Thousands of people show their solidarity and support for her and that what encouraged her to say the truth all the time and stand by her people’s side. Malalai Joya has inspired me and many others as well and taught me one important lesson that “Rights are something fought for and not given by others”

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