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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Veiled Threat? Do Saudi Women Threaten the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Hello folks,
Im helping a university student to recruit people for her research paper. She needs to interview Saudi Arabian male and female about "how the woman's driving ban in Saudi affecting their lifestyle". Read the research proposal bellow for better understanding on why she is doing this and if you are a Saudi Arabian citizen and you are interested or know any one interested to do the interview please contact the researcher (colleen Mcfee) at this e-mail: cawin@yahoo.com

Please we need your help and we will help enhancing the situation of Saudi women through bringing the light to this important issue.

Project Proposal Guidelines

Proposed Title
A Veiled Threat? Do Saudi Women Threaten the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? 

Research Question
Do women in Saudi Arabia have rights and freedoms? What rights do Saudi women want and what challenges would they face meeting these goals? What are common hopes and dreams for Saudi women? Can they successfully achieve a healthy sense of self-worth, self- esteem and self-actualization? Does lack of female autonomy affect the health and well-being of the nation? If women are granted more rights, how would that impact their lives and what would change? 

Saudi women have appeared in international news recently for different issues such as rebelling against the driving ban and being thrown in jail for it or receiving the right to vote in the 2015 elections. I will look at how these small changes will impact Saudi women. I will compare how the lifestyle of Saudi women differs from other women in other Arab States. I will examine the different institutions in Saudi culture that keep women subservient. Institutions such as family, religion, education, segregation, lack of freedom to travel freely and so forth will be analyzed in order to see a broader picture of the struggles. I would like to explore ways the women can slowly empower themselves and discover what change they would like to see happen with their lives. 

It is important to examine social control and inequalities of Saudi Arabia because these women have second-class citizenship status. The social construct of women in Saudi Arabia restricts their ability to make decisions for themselves. Their “ownership” is passed from one male relative to another called her “guardian.” It is this guardian, who then has the power to make decisions for women about work, education, travel and even medical procedures. This type of societal power imbalance has the potential to humiliate women by restricting their participation, connection and choices in society and thus shows the extent to which women are still battling for the expansion of their own position in their country. 

I hope to bring awareness to the issue of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. I want to show how lack of autonomy can break the spirit of a whole gender. I want to explore self-actualization of people. I would like to explore in Saudi women the questions all people ask themselves: Who am I? What is my identity? What are my future goals and aspirations? Can women successfully achieve self-actualization and meet their needs? I want to broaden the understanding of Muslim women who live in Saudi Arabia.

I plan to answer my research question by using an interview technique of Saudi women and men in Winnipeg and in Saudi Arabia via Skype. I have several female Saudi contacts in Winnipeg to due my volunteer experience as a Language Partner through the University of Winnipeg. I would also like to use photo voice to express my project visually. I will use peer review literature to support my findings. 

Research Contribution
I am interested in understanding who the Muslim women of Saudi Arabia are and how I can help them in their plight to achieve some form of parity within their fundamental society. I want to gain insight into their struggles because after completing my Undergraduate degree and Masters degree in Conflict Resolution Studies, I would like to work with women in the Middle East. With understanding the patriarchal structure of their society I can successfully advocate for them. I am passionate about discussing issues of women’s rights in the Middle East because they require attention and support for change. 

Experience Relevant to the Project
In 2010, I travelled alone to the Middle East for 4 months and although I did not go to Saudi Arabia I became keenly interested in the rich diversity of the region. I am very interested in the cultural freedoms males enjoy in the Middle East and the double standard females face. I saw this many times throughout my trip: what was acceptable for the male would never be acceptable for the female. My curiosity narrowed further upon my return to Canada because I met a female friend from Saudi Arabia through the language partner program at the University of Winnipeg. My friend tirelessly answered many questions I had about her culture, which focused mainly around the rights and freedoms of women. 

Another relevant contribution I have to this research project is that I live my life from a feminist perspective and although I am very interested in human rights development, I favour more the fight for furthering women’s rights around the globe. Currently I am a volunteer at a local community health clinic called Klinic where I am a Sexual Assault Crisis Counsellor. It is in this position that I have gained a deeper social awareness into the status of women. It is clear to me that women are still being recklessly abused and degraded as I have seen through my experience with Klinic. I find myself wanting to do something official with my passion for women’s rights and the Middle East. This research project is the perfect forum to look further into this issue.

Don't forget to forward this message to people you know to help the researcher to collect more realistic data on this issue.Appreciate your cooperation

Thank you

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